Action Bronson

Action Bronson – Flushing, New York

I remember where I was when I first heard Wu-Tang Clan, it was one of those seminal musical moments.  Just like when I first heard Run DMC or Rage or Nirvana.  The music had a rawness that I had never experienced before.  You can sense my allegiance when it comes to my preferences in rap.  So, I am listening to my Sirius Satellite radio, as I often do, because terrestrial radio sucks ass. I hear something that I automatically think is new Ghostface Killer from Wu and I type in the song title and much to my surprise it belongs to a dude from Flushing Queens named Action Bronson. His vocal tone is just like Ghostface, but his cadence and metaphors remind me of classic AZ or OC both New York natives.  I am sure he is tired of the Ghostface reference so I will leave it alone.  He is a throwback artist and it is so refreshing to me.  This guy already killed a DJ Premier beat and has done work with PF Cuttin. He also has a You Tube cooking show where he walks us step by step through what fills that belly he boasts.  I am listening to him while I write this and I am transported back to ’96 when Hip Hop was pure for me.  I am saying unequivocally that this guy is my favorite new artist in Rap.  His cadence is a hot knife through butter and exits his windpipes as seamlessly as he teaches you how to cook an Ahi Tuna to perfection.  Keep this kid in the kitchen, the lab or whatever you want to call it.  Action Bronson has officially launched me back into the world of rap and I will remember this time like I do my aforementioned classics.

– Wurds Smith

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