Air Traffic Controller – New Music Discovery

Air Traffic Controller - Side By Side 2015
Air Traffic Controller – New Music Discovery

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Air Traffic Controller is an Indie Alternative Band that comes to us from Boston, Massachusetts.

Hello folks and welcome to another week of featuring amazing Unsigned Bands on Daily Unsigned!

Now let’s get to talking about how much I love Air Traffic Controller.

Several months back, my friend Stacey invited me to check out a band that she managed that happened to be Air Traffic Controller.

First off, when it comes to seeing bands live… I have always been very skeptical as I have seen so many of them here in Los Angeles…that at times I wanted to punch myself in the face due to their lackluster performances.

Armed with a bad attitude and a critique’s personality, I went to see Air Traffic Controller as I was asked.

After standing around The Troubadour in anticipation for what it seemed like an eternity… Air Traffic Controller walks onto the stage and begins to perform in front of a sold out show…and I got to tell you that I was immediately blown away.

Air Traffic Controller not only performed overwhelming amazing …their songs were completely pristine and addicting and I remember to this day how memorable they were.

During the show, Air Traffic Controller played this song called “The House” and it was so good that I remember telling myself “wow this song is f-in great!” and found myself dancing to it.

Air Traffic Controller writes songs that are relatable and delivered by vocals that are to die for.

I highly recommend that you check out their song “The House” as I guarantee that you will completely love it or I will refund your money back.

I see big things happening for Air Traffic Controller!

Air Traffic Controller is your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned today.

– Rob Daily