Airlines – Los Angeles, CA

Checklist for a good time!

-          Time Machine – Check

-          Acid washed jeans – Check

-          “Members Only” Jacket – Check

-          Polo Shirt (Popped Collar) – Check

-          Penny Loafer Shoes – Check

-          Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses – Check

I purchased a time machine at Walmart last week with plans to travel back to the 80’s for a quick vacation. After spending a few hours researching on Google what people wore in that era…I ran to the nearest Goodwill Store in Pacoima, CA and dropped $19.27 on a wardrobe that would have made even Alex P. Keaton proud! I packed a lunch…picked my coordinates carefully to ensure a perfect time match and I was ready to launch back to my destination!

Now for the moment of truth…

I get into my Walmart Time Machine with lunch in hand fully geared up in my 80’s clothing ensemble (and I am looking hot) and I close the door behind me. With a fast beating heart and perspiration on my brow..I push the start button…and then I push it again…and again…and again…and again….what?!?!?! What’s going on here? Why am I not moving? Come on now…I push it again…still not working…dammit to hell…did I just waste $24.99 on a Time Machine that doesn’t work? I think I just did.

Now that my plans to kick it with Phil Collins, Don Johnson and Rockwell have been crushed…my next mission was to find a band in 2011 that could bring me as close to the 80’s as possible.

After several days of no sleep and consuming gallons of Tab, I found a band that satisfied my urge to be in the 80’s!

Airlines is a band based here in Los Angeles who has captured the essence of the electronic and synth textures that were dominant in the 80’s whilst at the same time adding a Phil Collins meets MGMT meets Frou Frou feel to their songs. Their music is best described as island like clubby dance chill music…I know that’s a mouthful and it’s truly hard to explain..but you really need to listen to them to catch my drift…seriously folks!

If you are in the LA Area on 7/25,  they will be performing at the Silverlake Lounge in Silverlake, make sure that you check them out!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Burial Grounds

Link: Facebook

Make sure that you listen to all their songs below!