All’s Quiet

All’s Quiet is a self proclaimed “Back Woods Michigan Metal” band from you guessed it…the back woods of Michigan. This band scares the sh&% outta of me…all I can imagine is watching the movie “Deliverance”…or a  movie where the images are moving in slow-mo…the person is running for their life while being chased by a bearded woodsmen with an axe and the background music is All’s Quiet.

These guys put on an over-the-top live show and have an amazingly loyal fan base…so we highly encourage you to check these guys out…they are the real deal.

It is rumored that All’s Quiet is going to be on a huge tour in April…make sure you follow them closely for more details on it!

All’s Quiet is for fans of Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and Memphis May Fire.

Fresh Track: Bitter Is An Understatement


Contact: [email protected]