Angry Vs The Bear

Angry Vs The Bear – Colchester, UK

I don’t usually find myself a fan of a female fronted rock act.  Most female rock singers find it necessary to showcase their chops with long runs and riffing.  I am generalizing, but they also don’t have the sensibility to get out of the way of the song….ala Karen O and Stevie Nicks.  These women serve as conduits for the song, hence their music is timeless.  It’s not like they are singing the song but it’s breathing through them.  However, Angry Vs The Bear added themselves to a very short list for me,the list of female fronted bands I really dig and count as timeless.  They are alt/electro infused with a Punk & New Wavey vibe.  Lead singer Mitzi’s vocal drip with emotion and paint music onto a canvas.  Their songs are visual and emotive, timeless and pleasing.  I will officially change my Twitter status to “Fan of female fronted bands”, for now at least.  But future female fronted bands be warned…I can change that status at any time.  You have been warned!!!!

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Kill Me With Words


Check out their video to Kill Me With Words below!