The Most Annoying Things Bands Do On Stage

The Most Annoying Things Bands Do On Stage

Going to as many shows as I do each year, I find myself always being annoyed with some aspect of the performance for some reason.

Today I thought I would get a fan’s perspective on what annoys them the most when watching bands perform.

Please feel free to add more to this list!

– Rob Daily

Here you go:

Bryan F. – Synchronized stage moves.

Veronica W. – Not having a show planned, winging a set list, staring at their instruments and not interacting with the crowd, not looking like a band.

Stephen L. – When bands have great music but just stand around on stage. I came to watch a show not a group of people just standing around on stage.

Andrew D. – pacing/skipping left and right

Wayne M. – when the lead singer worries more about adjusting their hair for dramatic effect than they do focusing on their vocals

Roy P. – Music stands.

Thom E. – Cheat sheets.

Connor W. – 1: When the members yawn onstage 2: when no one moves around at all 3: when the band sounds good on an album but sucks live

Chris T. – When they spend half their set talking about their political opinions or shit you dont care about!

Ryan H.- Back to the crowd. We came to see you perform to us not each other.

Sean A. – 10+ minute drum solos, unless you’re Neal Peart or Mick Fleetwood or Kenny Aronoff. Pretending like they can’t hear the crowd, while encouraging the crowd to scream louder, so that they can get longer encores.

Chris T. I have seen bands dissing the crowd for not being active enough- “you guys are pussies, all just standing there!!” happened at a certain thrash show. Maybe your set just sucks

Danny E. – Also, tuning between each song (especially when not using a tuner), downtime with nothing going on, when a singer announces the song and it takes along time to start the song, announcing EVERY song, talking about the song too much (a long winded story), playing too long of a set, too many jokes and excuses about why there is lack of a crowd some cases, disrespecting the audience, and I absolutely HATE hearing about the bands politics.

Ryan S. – when the musicians themselves are not up to par with their music

Josh S. – 30-40 min change overs for a band the level of yellowcard

Stephen B. – Talking to the sound man and just plain talking to the crowd too much.

Rob D. – Watching bands perform on stage with no shoes on.