April Smith and the Great Picture Show

April Smith and The New Picture Show – Brooklyn, NY

Oh the soundtrack to my life just seems to bee bop across timelines and musical eras.  I put on April Smith and I feel like I just staggered into a speakeasy or something.  I am transported back to a simpler time; where the voice carried a song, with the melody of something as remedial as a kazoo. April Smith is a simple name for such an eclectic artist.  She is equal parts temptress and performance artist in her delivery.  In my diluted mind she bats her eyelashes, flirting with me *sigh*, but she isn’t.  It is her song that she sings, it is her conviction and coy delivery that I believe, I get it now.  Some of her music teeters on ragtime and crosses over generational references but she takes all good things from a variety of historical musical footnotes and makes it timely and personal.  I offer her a shot of bootleg whiskey, which she would deny….she is a lady.  I will saunter home alone, whistling the sweet tunes of my new musical muse April and go to bed.  God old timey times must have sucked, I hate going home alone.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Colors

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