At The Skylines

At The Skylines – Huntington Beach, CA – Daily Fresh Pick – Metal Monday

What key elements make a band successful in this day and age?



Live performance?

Internet savviness?

Endless touring?

Tireless work ethic?

Strong fan support?

In my opinion, it is all of the above and a 1,000 more which brings us to today’s Metal Monday band, At The Skylines!

Formed in 2009 and rumored to be “California’s hardest hitting band”, At The Skylines combines the nastiest of guitar riffage, blood curdling vocals and electronica to create songs that are truly unique in this genre. The rhythm section needs a quick shout-out here…absolutely solid in all aspects and they are probably the best anchor any band could ask for.

At The Skylines has all the key elements in place to propel them into becoming the next band in this genre to breakthrough and have true career success.

Make sure that you listen to their songs below and if you are digging them, please leave a comment!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: It’s Cherried

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