Atlantic Avenue – New Music Discovery

Atlantic Avenue – New Music Discovery

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Atlantic Avenue is a Pop Punk band who comes to us from Reading, Pennsylvania.

My apologies in advance to Atlantic Avenue for the first paragraph…I am just keeping it real.

If you were to go to the Facebook page of Atlantic Avenue right now, you would find that they describe themselves as a Pop-Rock band…which in my very humble opinion is soooooooo not the case…what are you guys thinking?…you are way better than that.

Ok…I feel good after getting that off of my chest…

I guess this is where I tell you that Atlantic Avenue is an amazing Pop Punk band, which they are.

With Pop Punk bands like, All Time Low currently dominating the radio airwaves…there is no question that Atlantic Avenue can also be there with them…hello Fearless Records and Fueled by Ramen.

Atlantic Avenue packs their songs with awesome songwriting (whoever is the songwriter(s) needs to be writing songs as a profession) you are that good. I am a true believer that Atlantic Avenue are on their way to Pop Punk stardom.

If you are a fan Pop Punk and want to be blown away, Atlantic Avenue is ready for you!

– Rob Daily