Attaloss – Hollywood, CA

Living in Hollywood and seeing bands perform day in and day out for the last 10 years has surely turned a person like myself, into a very jaded “just kill me now” jerk when it comes to live shows and the whole music scene here. It seems like all I do now is focus on what the bands are doing wrong on stage and never on what they are doing right.

Last week, I was walking by the Viper Room during my normal routine (painful) of checking out bands on The Sunset Strip..when I heard something amazing leaking thru the walls and out onto the sidewalk…I quickly scrambled into the venue so I wouldn’t miss anymore of the show. Once in, I was treated to a near perfect live show…trust me that I tried to find a ton of problems…but couldn’t. Was I watching a signed band? Where did this band come from? Why didn’t I already know about them?  All these questions flooded my brain all at once…how can a band at this performance level and song quality not be signed…especially being in Label-Land? Where are the label reps?

In closing, all I gotta say is WTF?

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Open Door

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