Back Pocket Memory

Back Pocket Memory – Burbank, CA

Back Pocket Memory comes right out of our backyard here in So Cal.  These guys first popped up on our radar with sold out shows here in LA, which if you know LA you understand the difficulty of getting people to your shows…man are we a jaded bunch.  These guys deliver soulful rock music right down the middle no chaser.  Vocals are clean and production is stellar, (courtesy of Erik Ron) and I cannot get the hook for “All We Have” out of my head, no matter how many Lady Gaga songs I try to replace it with.  If you like your rock music catchy as hell and want to be ahead of the curve on the LA music scene, peep these guys out.  Let’s be honest, you can only digest so much Silverlake hipster music before you start chain smoking and watching the BBC and you has time for that?  I get the same feeling from these guys as I did when I first heard Hoobastank….same tractor beam attraction to hooks and melodies.  I am still jaded but will not deny that if you are selling out shows in LA and making your music as undeniably catchy as these kids then you will soften my hardened exterior and make me a fan.

Make sure you check out their EP Release Show @The El Rey Theatre – Los Angeles, CA on 7/23!

-  Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: All We Have

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