Bad Rabbits

Bad Rabbits – Boston, MA

I first discovered Bad Rabbits back in 2009 and was recently reminded of them again this past week by a close friend who caught one of their performances on this year’s Warped Tour…the conversation went kind of like this…”Dude, just saw Bad Rabbits perform at Warped Tour today….they are gonna be f&%#ing huge!” me….”Bad Rabbits, why do I know that name?”  I quickly jumped onto Google… tracked them down and low and behold Bad Rabbits was in-fact the same band from 2009 that I loved…but there was something different about them….a more defined sound / direction…call it a more profound musical identity and feel to them…this raw sexy party vibe that literally grabs you by the shirt and forces you to dance your face off until 6 in the morning.

Bad Rabbits are best described as combining the best elements of Quincy Jones, Prince, Michael Jackson and Morris Day and The Time.

Make sure you catch Bad Rabbits on Warped Tour all summer!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Too many to list!

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Listen to their whole “Stick Up Kids” EP below!