Bands – Who is your Demographic?

Great question right?  Let’s ask it again….Who is your demographic?Daily Unsigned….What do you mean? What are you getting at?Ok…it’s late (another 18 hour day) so we’re going to try and make this brief and hopefully noteworthy with some substance.Everyday around the world…we are pummeled by companies like Pepsi, Coke, Trojan Condoms, Budweiser, Ford and the list goes on and on….and each of these companies specifically target their advertising to a customer base that they are trying to secure. Example….during sporting events on TV you will see more beer and car commercials than you would see like Tampax Tampons or FDS Spray (sorry ladies). And the same goes for shows like Oprah or Dr. Phil where you will see more commercials like…you guessed it…Tampax Tampons and not FDS…but Rug cleaning commercials and shit like that…The point?These companies know who their demographics are and where they are hiding…You need to know this shit!Ok….so you’re making music…..have a cool look….and you are spending many hours a day promoting your Myspace…Facebook and Twitter and every other digital media site you have in your arsenal…but for some reason your fan base isn’t growing and the slacker like friends that you do have…aren’t doing anything but remaining a stagnating waste of protoplasm in your friends list..But why is this happening?Another great question guys!Here is why….you have been conditioned by your fellow band peers that getting a robot friend adder and adding all kinds of peeps on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter is going to make your plays go up….everyone is going to take notice of your band and they are going to sing your praises in the form of long editorial comments on your pages….YA Right!The reality is Friend Adders do serve a purpose and that is helping you get to your destination of adding 400 friends that day a little faster…but that’s it guys…Now this is where spending some time on determining who your demographic is comes in handy.Our advice for you, start treating your band like a business…and spend the necessary time on finding out who your fans are…find out how old they are….where they live (country, state, city)…what bands they listen to…what they eat…wear…drive… you name it…We are  not in any way suggesting that you become a stalker…but find out who these people are…Once you know (Who, what, where and why) you can start developing a marketing plan and policy to secure their fanship.Always remember that if you keep doing what you are are going to keep getting what you are getting…so quit acting like a jackass and get your shit done correctly!Love,Daily Unsigned