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Barefoot on Stage

Barefoot on Stage

I have been waiting to touch on this subject for over 8 months now…but it wasn’t until this past Friday night when I completely got pissed off about it.

All around the world and every night of the week, artists perform on stages and do such amazing things like….spit on stage, vomit on stage, pee themselves on stage, sweat on stage, roll around on stage, bleed on stage, jump up and down on stage and etc.

It is you “barefoot artists” that know all of this and still proceed to go on stage and risk their lives…


Stop this activity right now kids…before you end up having your feet punctured by nails on stage or even worse…have a section of the stage break through and completely damage your muscles and tendons in your feet while it shreds your foot and leg apart.

Wise up!! The stage is a disgusting and dangerous place to perform on….put your shoes on!

Rob Daily