Belle Histoire

Belle Histoire -Cincinnati, OH / Nashville, TN

That’s it, 2011 is officially the year of the female artist.  I cannot take it anymore, too many talented women to choose from.  Belle Histoire are yet again another female fronted indie slanted rock outfit.  I refuse to make a comparison to any of our other featured artists.  Let’s just say that they have remnants of Mumford and Sons musically but her vocals have a Natalie Merchant connectivity to the song, (You see what I did? Neither of these are DU bands).  The writing has depth and vision; it’s one of those things you enjoy about a song and you forget to pay attention to but with Belle Histoire you are drawn into the story of the song and the emotion attached to the words.  Its visual and the music is all encompassing, their song “Spirits” is a prime example of this.  I found myself singing the hook and therein lay’s my test, the hook served its purpose. I think I have reviewed about 5 or 6 bands with females in it that are simply bad ass.  We here at Daily Unsigned are staunch supporters of the female artist, so now I say, “Lilith Fair, give us a Daily Unsigned stage!!!!” Or, at least put me in touch with Sarah McLachlan, she’s dreamy.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Spirits

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