Blue Scholars

Blue Scholars – Seattle, WA

I am an artsy dude.  I absorb the arts; music, the written word, dance, film and whatever else I can digest.  I can’t stand a myopic world or cultural view…it annoys me to no end.  With that being said, I would dig these kids from Blue Scholars simply because they are creative as hell and embody multiple art forms in their music.  However, it’s a bonus that I love the music as well.  They remind me of a less crowded version of the Hieroglyphics crew from The Bay.  These dudes are intelligent and creative while simultaneously presenting an opinion via song, “more fire for the people, more jobs for the people, more books for the people, more music for the people” they chant and I couldn’t agree more.  Music serves a different purpose at different point in my day.  Yeah, I have my guilty pleasures but this is my sweet spot.  Intelligence and thought put to rhythm with words you don’t feel like a moron for mirroring.  I am smarter for having heard these dudes and I respect anyone who pursues their art and maintain their position in their beliefs, as these kids do.  Blue Scholars ARE Hip Hop, most of what we review here is Rap, (which is great), this is what Hip Hop is about and I find it refreshing.  They have their fun tracks so you don’t have to worry about thinking the whole time, like “What cha Gonna do Today?”  However, Blue Scholars fit right into my “artsy dude” side and I am currently digesting the catalogue via Soundcloud and increasing the span of my musical world view.

– Wurds Smith

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