BOY – Daily Fresh Pick

BOY – Hamburg/Zurich

A couple weeks back, I had a dear dear friend of mine (D) tell me about an artist that he stumbled across in his travels and was immediately blow away by…fyi …my friend is an uber music snob and hearing that he was blown away was just what I needed to hear for me to do my recon work on them…and guess what? I too was completely blown away as well.

Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, BOY is a vocally and lyrically driven (duo) who completely believes and lives in the fact that simplistically structured songs with relatable lyrics and an honest voice delivering them is truly all you need to have songs that impact the listener. Take 5 minutes of your day and go on an audible escape with BOY.

Wow….just wow.

– Rob Daily

Fresh Tracks: Skin / Little Numbers

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