Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned … Calisus is an amazing Rock Band that comes to us from Hagerstown , Maryland .

I think the last time I was in Maryland … I was testifying before a Federal Grand Jury against the Mafia…and yes there was a lot of drama…

Ok….let’s chat about Calisus and why I love them… before I do that…let’s kick it olde school style…

How was your weekend? Did you drink some cold beverages ? Any parties ?

Ok….enough of that….

I remember when I first discovered Calisus back in late 2016 … I felt they were good…but they still needed more development until being featured on Daily Unsigned .

Here we are today …and I decide to check on Calisus to see where they are in their development process…

I gotta admit it.. I really didn’t expect Calisus to have matured much from when I first discovered them…..and boy was I amazed at how they stayed the course and didn’t fall into the murky cesspool of band break ups let alone have any maturity…but they did it they really did…they accomplished what they set out to do.

Calisus delivers songs that are savory and destined to be your new addiction .
– Rob Daily