Capital Cities

Capital Cities – Los Angeles, CA

Craigslist has brought so many people together.  CL has connected more people together than a tapping foot below an airport bathroom stall divider.  With that in mind, we are happy that it has….because Craigslist brought  the duo Capital Cities together .  They are a dance, electro duo from Northern California that now call LA home.  The music feels like Europe and while I have never been, it sounds like what I envision a European trip feeling like, minus the cigarette smoke.  The music is fun and light, easy to digest.  I wouldn’t expect everyone to have such a positive experience with meeting up via Craigslist…it’s dicey at best.  We now know that you can make beautiful music with somebody via CL, just don’t expect it to be as guilt free, fun and harmonious as the music that Capital Cities has made.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Safe and Sound

Link: Website