Carousel Kings

Carousel Kings – Lancaster, PA

Who loves Pop Punk?!?!?! This guy does!!!!

I have been a long time fan of Pop Punk and it is so cool to see the recent surge in popularity in this genre. I am beginning to find more and more really…really cool new Pop Punk bands “popping” up all over the place. It is so refreshing to not only see this genre become popular again…but this round of “newness” seems like a whole generation of energy has been injected into it.

Carousel Kings is my most recent Pop Punk discovery. Hailing from the Auntie Annes Pretzel Capitol of the World (Lancaster, PA)…ohhh the buttery goodness of those Pretzel’s! Mmmmmm delicious Mall Pretzels! Sorry, just had a Homer Simpson moment…back to Carousel Kings. This band epitomizes everything in the Pop Punk genre….high energy, sticky lyrics, big choruses, gang vocals…love it!

Make sure you check these guys out today!

– Rob Daily


Fresh Track: Hands on Deck

Link: Facebook

Listen to a few of their songs now!