Casey Veggies

Casey Veggies – Los Angeles, CA

Our musical youth these days are one extreme or the other.  You either get a TON of work and music out of them or you don’t get much.  I think this is why Hip Hop and Pop are killing rock music right now.  I have to be honest my rock brethren, nobody is really checking for rock music right now.  Indie rock is now Pop music with every label looking for the next indie slanted icon.  However, the tone in Hip Hop is “work harder”, “make more”.  Artists like Jay Cole, Machine Gun Kelly, Mac Miller and even Busta Rhymes are churning out music at an alarming rate. In this vain Casey Veggies jumps into the ring with his alt vibe on the Hip Hop scene.  Odd Future seems to be the ringleaders but there have been a ton of these cats bubbling under the scene for a while.  The thing about Casey Veggies and these other kids is they are nothing if not prolific.  They create videos, mixtapes and art to flood the market with.  They hustle, network and find the next tour.  They manufacture merch and lastly they make money.  I heard a guy named L’s Worth or something on Kay Slay’s show on the great Sirius Satellite radio and this dude drove 10 hours to be on the show.  He wants it worse than anyone else.  I think this might be the dividing line between the success of Hip Hop and Rock right now; they want it worse, they refuse to be comfortable, they struggle to be free of the struggle.  Casey Veggies is cut from that clothe.  He makes videos and online content, lines up the appropriate tours and sells merch.  He will succeed….I have spoken a ton about this kids work and less his music.  His music is really solid, which is why he is on here.  However, his work ethic is something that should be admired and emulated; his music will stand on its own.

– Wurds Smith

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