Cheap Seats

Cheap Seats – Philadelphia, PA

Have you ever wished you could jump into a time machine…dial in the year that you wanted and just went there? As a kid, I used to sit back and daydream about it all the time..wait..who I am kidding…as an Adult…I still do that!  For me, I think the 50’s were a great time in music…so I would definitely turn the dial back and visit there in a heartbeat.

Unfortunately, I do not have a time machine to jump into..but what I do have today is a very cool band, Cheap Seats that 100% satisfies my need to go back in time.

Cheap Seats has brought back the “Philly Sound” from yesteryear and then added their spin on it.

Catchy songs, great pop sensibilities!

The guys are currently working on 12 new songs that they will be releasing later in the year. Make sure that you check out their video below!

Fresh Track: Chained to Me