Chief Keef

We love the Hip Hop hustle over here at Daily Unsigned. They hustle like there is no tomorrow. It was that hustle that allowed today’s feature Chief Keef to reach our ears. Via his hustle of making videos in his living room he reached the eyes and ears of the great Kevin Liles. Kevin then mentioned Chief on Sway’s morning show on Shade 45 which I was fortunate enough to catch wind of. He doesn’t like snitches or bitches in the form of men; his first video I checked told me so. Nothing mind blowing lyrically here but Chief does have that certain jena se qua that a star needs to possess. He keeps it simple and for that reason I can pretty much recite each of his songs verbatim after only one listen, don’t get it twisted…that is a GOOD thing. His songs resonate and his hustle is interminable. If he keeps putting up videos and creating content that generates these views everyone will know his hustle. Don’t be jealous young world just up your game and try and keep up with artists like Chief Keef. Then maybe one day Kevin Liles will be talking about you and if you are LUCKY….us.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: I Don’t Like

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Check out the video for “I Don’t Like” right here: You Tube