Crawford Brothers

Crawford Brothers

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Crawford Brothers is an Indie Alt Pop Rock Band that comes to us from Australia.

I think it has been a couple months since I last featured an Unsigned Band from Australia…so I find it most fitting to feature Crawford Brothers on Daily Unsigned today.

Virtually visiting places like Australia gives me an opportunity to find out what genres of music are beginning to become popular…so when I discovered Crawford Brothers….I knew that their music direction was on its way to cross over into the United States as they are being pushed out of the nest by Momma Australia.

Crawford Brothers epitomizes the Indie Alt Pop Rock movement that is currently beginning to creep its way back into the radio airwaves here in the United States…and it is no wonder since the musical taste of the
consumer is demanding the changes.

Crawford Brothers with their addicting songwriting and spot on vocals and don’t let me forget to say that their songs are packed with sticky hooks and bombastic choruses…they are destined to be the next band to break out of Australia.

Crawford is your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned today.

– Rob Daily