David Luning

David Luning

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, David Luning is an Americana / Alt Country Artist who hails from Forestville, California .

As you all can tell from the lack of featured artists on Daily Unsigned lately, you are probably asking yourselves ”Why Rob, Why?”….to be honest…I haven’t been able to find an artist that truly excited me until today and this is where David Luning steps up to the plate.

I have always been a fan of Americana and Alt Country Music….so when you get a chance to combine two great tastes together you get something that is buttery smooth like David Luning.

David Luning has a laser focused with pinpoint accuracy approach to his songwriting and it definitely comes through his powerful lyrics.

David takes you on a musical journey where he bares his life and soul in such a way that you are brought into his world to feel his pain and jubilation.

With a solid buffet of musical offerings, David Luning serves up songs that are both delicious and satisfying.

David Luning is your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned today!

– Rob Daily