Death Grips

Death Grips – Sacramento, CA

I don’t think I have ever been frightened listening to music before. I have passed the threshold of some of the gulliest ghettos in America as well as some of the most horrid clubs. I am talking clubs that had girls dancing on stage with bullet hole scars in their booties and house arrest bracelets on, (which made me wonder where these chicks lived). With that being said, I ducked under my desk when I heard Death Grips. I cant figure out if dude is really pissed or if this is an art project. Either way it’s interesting as hell to me. Some rappers have done it well, be it politically with X Clan or Dead Prez or Horror-Rap with the Gravediggaz….they wanted to shock you. These other groups are still using training wheels, Death Grips….I mean I really don’t know what else to say:

Whip it, bleed it, cause it pain
Eat it, shit it out and change
Lanes at speeds that seem insane,
To them petty pussy brains
Push me and they will be slain
Drag this past the point and claim
That shit as if it was your name
Like its attached to yours with chains
Own it ’til shit goes up in flames

A sample of the lyrics above, did I make my point?

Make sure you check the videos….I really don’t know more to articulate; this is PTSD set to music. Prepare your meds…..

– Wurds Smith

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