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DeStorm Power

DeStorm Power – Los Angeles, CA

Today’s feature comes to us via our good friends at Forbes Magazine; that’s right we read Forbes. DeStorm Power is the product of the new era in music. The kid has social networking numbers that make major label artists jealous. He is the complete artist that works his social networks so well that if his music fails he has an exit strategy via his internet marketing hustle. Don’t get it twisted, he is a real artist and his marketing isn’t some kind of gimmick he is the real deal. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself….all you struggling artist need to sit down with a pen and a pad and take some notes. His music is genuine and heartfelt, timely and cathartic. We relate because his struggles/topics are ours and he shows us that there is a better tomorrow, all you got to do is put the work in. I love this kid for his grind, creativity and his ability to have it translate to us, the consumer, via a real artistic platform. Support real independent music and check out DeStorm Power and take notes.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Finally Free

Link: Facebook