Electric Knights

Electric Knights – Los Angeles, CA

Oh you kids these days.  Your tastes in music are as varied as they have ever been.  I was raised on Hip Hop and Punk Rock…sprinkle in some Grunge and there you have my musical make up.  Today, you can see Scene kids listening to Rap as well as some Pop….it really is kind of awesome.  Electric Knights are a bi-product of this musical schizophrenia.  They intertwine Electronic, Hip Hop and Pop fairly seamlessly.  Electric Knights will be some kid’s soundtrack and that kid’s music will keep on adapting until there is one crazy glow stick waving, break dancing political activist who sites Celine Dion as their greatest influence and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.  The more diverse it is musically the better off I think we will all be.

– Wurds Smith

 Fresh Track: Setting Sun

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