Fast Romantics

Fast Romantics

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Fast Romantics is an Alternative Rock Band that comes to us from Toronto , Canada .

Welcome to Canada folks…today we are visiting our great neighbors and boy do I have special treat for you!

I am sitting here right now typing away wishing I had a delicious cup of Timmy Horton coffee….oh how I miss its’ savory flavor.

Now that I got that off my chest…I am now ready to tell you why I love Fast Romantics
A couple weeks back…. I was scouring the internet trying to find that one Unsigned Band that got my blood pumping and alas …here is Fast Romantics for your listening pleasure.

As you may already know…Bands come and go sometimes as quickly as they are discovered…and then they vanish…why does that happen…you ask yourself…it’s all about stamina and staying hungry for the next level in their career path….which is so true for Fast Romantics…

Fast Romantics have busted their asses off by staying laser focused with pinpoint accuracy….they have stayed the course and their eye on the prize and they have no reason to quit or give up.

When I first came across Fast Romantics….L was like wtf…why didn’t discover them anytime sooner?

Fast Romantics deliver an amalgamation of everything that you are going to melt over.

If you are looking for music that is both original and breathtaking…. Fast Romantics are for you!!

Fast Romantics are your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned today!!

– Rob Daily