Foreign Figures

Foreign Figures

Today’s New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned, Foreign Figures is an Alternative Pop Rock Band that comes to us from Orem, Utah.

I know it’s been a couple weeks since I last featured a band on Daily Unsigned and truth be told…I lost my inspiration in music for some reason or another and thank goodness for Foreign Figures for helping me get out of the funk that I was in.

When I first discovered Foreign Figures several months back…I found myself immediately drawn into them by their amazing vocals, sticky hooks and their bombastic choruses.

Finding music that truly captures the essence of Alternative Pop Rock…lately has been a difficult task indeed. …so when I re-discovered Foreign Figures…I knew almost immediately that the mission was completed.

If you are driven for music that will encapsulate you completely…Foreign Figures is exactly what you have been looking for.

Foreign Figures is your New Music Discovery on Daily Unsigned today!!

– Rob Daily