Freedom or Death

Freedom or Death – Toronto, Ontario CA

This next band came to me several months ago from my friend Jenna, (I know you are reading).  I was immediately drawn to the bands name “Freedom or Death”.  It played on my inner revolutionary….I immediately donned my Che Guevara shirt and began listening. The name seems to be less about the political climate of their music and more about the bands ethos with their art.  They refuse to become ensnared in the major label net on anyone else’s terms but their own, which I respect.  These two dudes control everything from their placements to their visual presentation and it is working for them. They have a quasi-Coldplay feel to them, that seamless cadence and thoughtful vocal presentation like Chris Martin has become renowned for.  As I listened… I was able to derive emotion from meaning and feel of the songs, more so than in score, performance, or even their own composition.  The music pulls at an emotional chord that doesn’t subscribe to any theory but seems to relate more to feeling.  Now I know that sounds contradictory when I add that the songs are beautifully structured but I feel like when Freedom or Death does it, that it comes from a place of understanding their listener rather than just being impactful or formulaic.  Great songwriting and exquisite attention to detail that creates multiple layers and a true visual experience while you float on their melody and notes.   I still wear my Che t-shirt but that is merely because I am a confused revolutionary…not unlike all the kids I see rocking the same shirt.  I will probably be one of THOSE guys when I see Rage against the Machine at the end of July here in LA.  But, I will wager my shirt that these kids don’t know a musical experience like Freedom or Death, I’m just saying.

– Wurds Smith

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