Gentlemen Hall

Gentlemen Hall – Boston, MA

What a day it is has been so far! Thanks to today’s “Fresh Pick” Gentlemen Hall…I haven’t gotten a damn thing done work-wise at all. For the last 4 hours…all I can do is keep hitting the repeat button over and over again…dancing at my desk while waving my hands in the air and of course…making a true spectacle of myself. Yes, folks I look like a complete weirdo..but I am at complete peace with myself…lol.

Ok….time to get serious!

Gentlemen Hall is a Pop/Electro/Dance sensation hailing from the “bean town” Boston, MA. What makes these guys so special is their ability to bring real emotions and believability to their songs. We live in a world now where multiple genres are constantly melded together in an effort to create a hybrid of sorts and Gentlemen Hall has truly mastered that art.

Timely, believable and truly magical!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: All Our Love

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