Goldenwest – Los Angeles, CA

Let me tell you a story:  It’s the story of a true grit East Coaster a Timberland boot wearing, weather hardened dude who moves West, arrives in LA and never looks back.  This guy twists his fingers up into “W’s” and reps HAAAARD for the West.  This dude is….me …Let me tell you, I am not going back.  I love it here…I will be buried at Break Water in the 90291 if I have my drothers.  With all that being said, when I hear a song that announces “F*** You, I’m From the California”, I am all in.  The song in question is from the dance/electronica/Hip Hop amalgamation simply known as Goldenwest.  I am intrigued by the variety of sounds they marry in their music.  It is distinctively Hip Hop as well as dance.  It’s poppy but I am not sure I could hear it on my Top 40 station out here, but wouldn’t be surprised to find it on my Fuse or MTV channels.  It has a grittiness to it….not unlike our Golden State does.  Unlike most of the bands in their genre they appear to be creating an underground appeal to their movement.  It has influences that range from MGMT to any number of hybrid outfits.  Remember that group Len?  They did that one hit wonder of a jam called, “Steal My Sunshine”, if they were to come out now I feel they would be stealing their sound from Goldenwest.  These songs ARE the West, they are the musical embodiment of all that our lifestyle perpetuates here on the coast.  I have love for my East Coast brothers and sisters, hell my family is still all there; but I am sending this music to them the next time they ask me “what’s the weather like out there”.  Booya Mom and Dad, play this.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Don’t Stop (Sun Drop)