Gringo Star

Gringo Star – Atlanta, Georgia

I tell bands all the time there are a few things that go into “getting a record deal”.  First and foremost are GREAT songs, not GOOD, GREAT.  Secondly, its buzz, you need to have some sort of buzz, viral video something!  Lastly, is timing…some bands music is just played out and nobody is checking for it  Sometimes you have one but not all; or you have it all, enter Gringo Star on cue.  There is a “garage band” feel that is complemented by the overall feel of a Beatles record with these guys from Atlanta.  The music is decidedly indie and with that comes the various associations.  I just associate it with good music and Gringo Star deliver.  Oh, did I mention they have a documentary that is winning all kinds of awards at these film festivals? – BUZZ! Have you listened to the below track? -GREAT songs! Lastly, who just won the Grammy for Album of the Year?  An indie band you say? – TIMING!!!

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: All Y’all



Trailer to their Documentary: Hurry Up and Wait