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Haim – Los Angeles, CA

This past weekend I had an opportunity to finally sit back, relax and listen to some old “vinyl” records from 1950 – 1970’s and I gotta say this…what a great time period for music! Back then, the vocals and lyrics were the focal points in every song recorded. There was no need for fluff, bells and whistles, auto tune, etc. and quite frankly it would have been impossible since everything was recorded in analog. Call me a music snob or purist..but there is a reason why Adele is killing it in sales and radio today….her songs are vocal and lyric focused.

Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, Haim takes me back to an era in music where vocals and lyrics were the focal point in songs and I am amazed at how well Haim is able to pull it off in this music climate where studio garbage is churned out at such a high rate of speed…that everything on the radio sounds the same.

Blessed with the ability to nail 3 part harmonies like no other…Haim is positioned to take a huge giant leap soon!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Better Off

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