Halos – Los Angeles, CA

Today I caught myself daydreaming about life and the journeys that each of us take on a daily basis to get to the ever defining moment when happiness becomes a reality. I think we can all agree that life definitely has its ups and downs and that sometimes we are faced with experiences that we aren’t necessarily prepared to deal with..but for some reason we are able to take a deep breath and get through them. With the support of a dear friend, a loved one and a song…we do it.

Just like life and the many challenges we face, Halos has seemed to effectively capture the pain, the struggles, the anguish, the happiness and those many small victories that we all get to experience in their songs. From the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, Halos takes the listener on a musical journey of self discovery and rewards them with high fives!

Emotional, believable and epic!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Living Like Kings

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