Heroes Of Modern Earth

Heroes Of Modern Earth – Atlantic City, NJ

How many of you are watching Boardwalk Empire on HBO? It’s set in prohibition era Atlantic City and if you haven’t seen it I highly suggest it. There is no correlation between Heroes of Modern Earth and that super awesome, amazing show except this band is also from Atlantic City. Judging by the pictures and the tone of their music there I couldn’t envision them being a part of any sufferance movement but have plenty of actual suffering to spare. Lead vocalist Amanda Hyrns’ voice is angst ridden, gravely and cynical enough to place her in a category with my favorite female rock vocalist Brody Dalle. They are tough without misplacing their ire and coming off as just stupidly pissed off youth. They curse and make riotous music for you kids to play loud and make your parents question whether or not you belong in a scared straight program. My only criticism is that there isn’t enough music…..I WANT MORE!!!! Oh and to bring this conversation full circle, watch Boardwalk Empire it is the best show on TV, just saying.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Every Other Often

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