Hopsin – Daily Fresh Pick

Hopsin – Los Angeles, CA

Rap and Hip-Hop is going thru a huge change right now…over the last several years… I have sat back and watched these genres struggle to get their identity back whilst at the same time creating a stronger foothold in the marketplace. To all of the haters out there saying that Hip-Hop and Rap are dead…middle finger to you all.

A new revolution is happening now… there are new fighters are on the streets that are dedicated in fighting the good fight to change our current mediocrity in the urban world of music to something that is groundbreaking.

Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, Hopin is a Rap Artist based here in Los Angeles. Hopsin has spent many years developing his craft from the ground up and he has experienced pain, financial ruin, no food and homelessness. As all true artists do…Hopsin stayed true to his craft and is now starting to benefit for not giving up and letting others talk him out of what is life was meant to be….a true artist.

Hopsin is a true testimony that perseverance does pay off.

– Rob Daily