Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons – Las Vegas, Nevada

We are entering into an interesting time musically.  For all intents and purposes rock music is out in a big way.  Active rock stations are switching to the most mundane of formats and in order to crack rock radio you have to have super great songs, or be a band from the 90’s apparently.  So, what we are experiencing is rock coming at us with a more CHR/Indie slant.  Coldplay and others have paved the lane.  Imagine Dragons fit nicely into this lane.  They present these intricately packaged songs that float effortlessly from beginning to end.  I think I will try my hand at radio programming, how hard could it actually be?  We can compile a playlist of a bunch of bands from Daily Unsigned, starting with Imagine Dragons and round it out with a bunch of bands from the 90’s!  Booya money…

– Rob Daily

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