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Indian School

Indian School – Rosemead, California

What an exciting time for music we are in folks! Right now, before our eyes and ears…a new genre of music is forming and it is has yet to be named…I am going to call it “Indie-Hybrid” for now…feel free to use it and share it with your friends and family…just give me a shout-out when you do…I need as much a credit as possible these days since this website literally costs us money to run it….good thing we have a passion for this.

Ok….so here is what an Indie-Hybrid band sounds like…..take the best parts of successful Indie bands like….Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire and even Adele (yes she’s indie) and then take the best parts of “Commercially” successful bands like…Neon Trees, LMFAO, Foo Fighters…you get the picture. Now…take all of those ingredients and combine them together and what you get is the “Indie-Hybrid”. The most recent and current example of this new genre phenomenon is the band called Fun and their song “We Are Young”. The intro and throughout is as “Indie” as Mumford and Sons (compare them) but then the rest of the song explodes into a “Commercial” hit song…structure, hooks and chorus!

My apologies for this long diatribe and rant…

Now let’s get to today’s Daily Fresh Pick…Indian School!

Indian School is in my opinion the next “Indie-Hybrid” band that truly represents this new genre quite well. They encapsulate the very best of “Indie” and smashes it together with the very best of “Commercial Pop” sensibilities…which makes for an instant audible addiction for the listener. I am a betting man…and I guarantee this band will be signed before the year is out….who wants in on my bet?

– Rob Daily

Fresh Tracks: Rob Your House / Head Right

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