Interview with Quietdrive

Quietdrive has been moving almost non-stop since they first formed in 2002. We caught up with them recently before they again headed out on tour and had a chance  to get some insight on the inner workings of their band, the amazing relationship they have with their fans and the career path that led them to where they are today.


Daily Unsigned: You guys formed the band in 2002…can you talk about the obstacle course in your career path that you have had to encounter and how that has affected your “big picture” goal?

Quietdrive: Well, we definitely have had a number of “obstacles”.  But, what band hasn’t? Through it all, we don’t think it’s really affected the big picture itself. Our band’s number one goal has been and will always be to create and distribute music to our fans. So going from a major label, to an independent label, to releasing our music on our own has definitely affected the way in which we go about attaining and achieving our goals, but hasn’t affected our over all goal.

Daily Unsigned:  We understand that you guys have another CD coming out on 12/14….can you talk about the writing and recording process that you endured?  How long it did it take you to write and record?  Where did you pull your inspiration to write it from?  Is there a particular theme or direction that you went with?

Quietdrive: Yeah, our self-titled full-length will be in Best Buy Stores across the country and on iTunes…Tuesday, December 14th (shamless plug : ) haha). But, the writing process started around May. We rented out a little practice space in our hometown of Minneapolis and just started writing. We hit the studio in June/July and the record was finished a month or two after that. Kevin, is our primary writer, but when we’re writing… inspiration comes from a variety of factors. Feelings, emotions, stories, friends, family, etc. it goes on. Basically, when we write a song, we try to tell a story, and if a song can convey a good story then you’ve got something special. As for themes in the record? I would say there aren’t any, but I would say that this record has a more mature sound to it. Wow, that was a long one.

Daily Unsigned:  Our staff have been fans of your band for many years and from our vantage point, it appears like your band has toured almost non-stop for almost 6 years now…with such a stressful touring difficult has it been to have a personal life? How do you keep your relationships at home joyful while you are gone  for so many weeks and months at a time?

Quietdrive: Well first of all, that’s awesome that you guys are fans! But, yeah touring in any band can be a very stressful thing. And  it’s different for every band and every individual band member. Some guys can handle it very well, while others have trouble finding a balance. I think one thing that we’re grateful for is the amount of technology that allows us to communicate with our friends and family. I mean you’ve got cell phones where you can video conference, Skype is a big help, and you’ve got Facebook and Twitter two sites that basically let you experience someone’s life from afar (I just read that last sentence and realized how creepy that sounds, but it’s Facebook, so that sounds about right).

Daily Unsigned: We look at your band as a role-model for many of the bands out there trying to “Make It” in the music industry…what advice can you give them that has helped you?

Quietdrive: First of all, I think it’s important to talk about and define “Making It”. For some people… it’s the whole 9 yards of a label, big tour bus, world tours, Cristal flowing, maybe a drug addiction at one point, and then a behind the music.  And there is nothing wrong with that (maybe minus the drug addiction part), but you can still “Make It” or make a living in music without all that stuff. There are varying degrees of success in everything. Have good communication within your group. Make sure that you all have the same goals and that you’re all willing to work harder than you’ve ever worked in your life. Things don’t happen overnight, more so now than ever before. But, if you work hard and you want it bad enough, you’re bound to see success.

Daily Unsigned: Can you describe the relationship that you guys have with your fans? Can you share a moment or experience you had with a fan that left a long and lasting impression with you?

Quietdrive: We have a very strong connection with our fans. Without them, we’d just be five dudes. Just recently we had a group of fans help us pass out 4,000 free cds to concert goers attending the annual Jingle Ball. And for those of you not in Minneapolis, it is/was cold. I think it was like -10 or something? These fans helped and braved the beyond freezing cold for a few hours just to help spread the word for us. Truly amazing people. Thank you!

Daily Unsigned: Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel and giving up? What has kept you going?

Quietdrive: While there have been some rough points in our past we’ve been fortunate to all still have this unrelenting drive to keep pushing. I think we all just have such a huge passion for music that we can’t stop, even if we wanted to. That, and we’re five pretty good friends.

Daily Unsigned: What type of guitars and equipment do you guys play and use?

Quietdrive: JB plays on PRS McCarty through a New Vintage Amplifier and a googleplex of pedals. Will plays a modded Fender Telecaster through a Koch Amplifier.

Daily Unsigned: What are 3 things you cannot live without on the road?

Quietdrive: Gatorade G2. A hard drive with movies and tv shows. Our Minnesota Vikings blanket….it provides warmth and is the perfect padding when propping up a laptop for a van movie.

Daily Unsigned: What’s the key to success in music as you see it through your eyes?

Quietdrive: Being able to create, perform, and distribute music with people you love, for people you love, your fans.

Daily Unsigned: What social media outlet do you guys use the most to stay connected with your fans and why?

Quietdrive: We use Facebook and Twitter primarily, but we also use Formspring and a few others. Facebook is probably our primary outlet, and I think that is because it’s just the most established, our fans have had their own profiles on the network for a long time, and it’s so versatile and easy when it comes to posting.

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