Jhameel – Oakland, California

Oakland has long been a hub for creativity in the arts. Well, that and some of the craziest gangs you will ever see. Jhameel is one of those kids who is entirely too smart for his own good; fluent in several languages and graduating summa cum laude from Berkley in just two years. What have you done with your life???? With this kid being as smart as he is you kind of figure he has got to know what he’s doing. He isn’t living life on the fly…he has a plan. He plays every instrument and produces these songs that deliver his take on the Pop music movement. I would bet on this kid in anything that he does. The songs float and aren’t unnecessarily layered making them easy to listen to. The Bay keeps churning them out doesn’t it? I will back up my words…I will bet on this kid. Who is in? I’ve got 5 on it!!! (Who gets that Bay reference?)

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Waves / Shut Up

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