Jordan Cook

Jordan Cook – Canada

Living in Los Angeles definitely has it’s benefits and let downs when it comes to seeing live bands perform..and if you are an avid reader of my posts…you have seen my rants time and time again on how much I don’t enjoy the live music experience in Hell-A and how picky I am.

Sooooo…if I were to say I “love” an unsigned artist who performs in LA on a regular would stop and take a listen wouldn’t you? Well…I hope you would knowing how picky I am…right?

I am going to be straight up with you now…I have been following Jordan Cook for close to a year now…been to about all of his live shows here in LA…and each time I am completely blown away at his musicianship and performance. Jordan is from Canada and he comes to LA just about every other month to do shows and build his ever growing fan base and each of his shows draw keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have witnessed the demand for his shows increase as well and from my vantage point it appears that there is no possible way to stop him from reaching his goal of world domination.

Jordan Cook is the real deal folks!

– Rob Daily

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