Kid Ink

Kid Ink – Los Angeles, CA

If you know anything about your boy Wurds, you know that he pledges allegiance hard to a few things.  One of the things I rep hard is the City of Angels and I rep good music really hard.  The thing that I have loved about the evolution of Rap is the growth and diversity and the fact that the musicality is back. You can credit B.O.B., Kanye, Jay Z, the Young Money camp and a whole host of others.  Whoever you credit, there is a strong resurgence in the art of the song.  This dude Kid Ink is appropriately named as I am hard pressed to see a portion of this kid’s skin not adorned with artwork and he reps hard for LA and the fan of good music, i.e. ME! Los Angeles is an urban culture.  We create great art, we create the trends that the world looks to for guidance.  We taught you how to Dougie and now Kid Ink is poised to put the West on his back and give you a sip out of the chalice that is Cali culture.  I would call this kid a West Coast Wiz Khalifa…solid choruses and easy to follow story lines dripping with melody.  It’s a G Thang you would probably ALL understand.  This is the next step in the West, Kid Ink is the truth and I swear I am not biased just cuz the kid is from my part of town.

– Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Too many to list – Listen below!

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