Kills and Thrills – Daily Fresh Pick

Kills and Thrils – Long Island, New York

Nothing gets me more pumped and excited on a Monday morning than listening to the nastiest, angriest and most pissed off Hardcore bands I have heard in a very long time!

Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, Kills and Thrills is quite possibly the angriest band I have heard in ages. Kills and Thrills takes me back to the Sunday Matinee Days at CBGB’s…the days where you would see Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, H2O playing and getting the crowd pumped up and moshing…the days where urine being excreted from the stage to forced vomiting on the crowd was not at all uncommon.

Damn do I love Kills and Thrills!

– Rob Daily

Fresh Track: Crow’s Nest

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