Kopecky Family Band

Kopecky Family Band – Nashville, TN


Family dynamics are funny to me.  I get along great with my little brother but really can’t even stomach to be in the same room with my older sister, (She munches a steady diet of crazy wafers).  So I couldn’t imagine if I had to suffer touring and performing with my siblings, other relatives or anyone I consider as close as family.  That is why The Kopecky Family Band is so interesting to me.  They are band consisting of a tight knit crew, 5 guys and 1 girl that consider themselves family.  Sometimes these formulaic family musical endeavors come across as forced, like you have a couple of members that grew up together that always has to toe around a younger friend, cousin or nephew to appease somebody’s parent.  So not the case with this unit, they are many in numbers and are overflowing with talent.  The best way I can describe the music is indie with a folk slant at points.  Whatever it is, it just works and it is poetic that they are as close as family because their music feels like one heartbeat.  It is melodic and moody, precise, thoughtful and layered with depth.  The vocals are distinct and each part seems to complement the other in a beautiful contrast, it really is amazing to listen to.  There are violins, horns and simple patterns that just seem to engage the happiest parts of my brain and leave me languishing wanting more.  I will go out on a limb and say that I think that this extended family tree might just be the best musical outfit that I have heard of its kind.  Maybe I will gather my little brother and my older sister and her 4 personalities that I deal with during the holidays and start a band, those extensions of her personality might as well be family at this point.

– Wurds Smith

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