Kropp Circle

Kropp Circle – Las Vegas, Nevada

With everything so tainted in Las Vegas, it’s refreshing to find something a little pure.  Kropp Circle are 3 brothers who I can envision being chased through a mall by a horde of screaming girls.  The most obvious comparison that I get is Hanson, because these kids are good looking, play their own instruments and write great songs.  You immediately want to throw the “boy band” moniker on them but that is simply because they are brothers and good looking.  These brothers are the whole package.  Kids always seem to get what they want, which is kinda annoying and these kids have legions of loyal fans so they will get what they want alright…these kids are going to blow up.  All I can hope is I am not at the mall when Kropp Circle arrives, I am not into flash mobs and even less into kids but I have to be honest, these kids make great music.

Big choruses, great vocals, sticky hooks!

Check out the video for “Cant Stop The Rain” right here.

Fresh Track: Can’t Stop The Rain