Le Castle Vania

Le Castle Vania – Atlanta / Los Angeles

Welcome to the Daily Unsigned’ 300th offering. Yeah that’s right kids…we have given you the gift of 300 bands. No need to thank us, it is what we do. However, if you want to send presents like money and stuff there is an email somewhere on this site that you can send us some Twinkies through. Le Castle Vania our 300th selection and is essentially kinetic energy in the form of music. I am sweating and waving something that glows around as I write this. I just made out with some strange chick that is dancing next to me while I am curiously sipping orange juice and wondering why everything feels so good. I am gyrating to the obligatory breakdowns with slow builds into a cacophony of noise that would make even the most rhythmically challenged individual find a beat to move to. I personally think that we are way too uptight as a society and Le Castle Vania is here to give us all a little “let your hair down music”. Now I am really feeling the affects of this music and am currently making out with a fuzzy wall. At this rate I will be lucky if I am alive to review # 301, thank you Le Castle Vania for increasing my heart rate thus shortening my life span. Send Twinkies NOW!!!!

– Wurds Smith

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