Leftover Cuties – Daily Fresh Pick

Leftover Cuties – Venice, CA

Last month, I had a chance to do some thrift store shopping in Kansas City. I wasn’t expecting to find anything cool as compared to the Los Angeles thrift experience…but boy did I find some really cool stuff! While scouring thru the 500+ t-shirts that were on sale that day…I found those missing gems! My findings were a 1978 Duran, Duran t-shirt and a 1996 tour shirt from The Police…purchased both for….get this…$1.00!!!!! What an amazing find….right?!?!!?

Today’s Fresh Pick on Daily Unsigned, Leftover Cuties is musical find that I came across about 6 months ago..I have no idea how I found them nor do I really care…..all I care about is finding a musical treasure that I guarantee everyone out there will love just like me.

Hello World…say hello to Leftover Cuties!

– Rob Daily