Lelia Broussard

Lelia Broussard – Los Angeles, CA

I feel like I am the go-to scribe here when it comes to the women.  Don’t get me wrong, my favorite topic is women.  Let’s be honest what is better than a woman?  I think women will agree.  Out of all the female artists I have reviewed I think Lelia Broussard is the one I would choose to take to the Urth Caffé in Santa Monica for a chat and a cup of tea.  I feel like she could articulate things that I was previously unable to comprehend in a way, metaphorically that I could finally grasp.  She is a sassy and intelligent singer – songwriter, just what I like.  Her music is top down Pacific Coast Highway cruising music, when you envision the soundtrack to your 18th year summer…this is it.  It is happy pop music and alas there is nothing wrong with that.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously in her craft but she is damn good.  One of those kids you were always mad at because they were that good.  Her voice is sultry yet not intentionally sensual.  Her words are simple yet mask a deeper meaning.  So amidst all of her simplicity I find her immensely complex….god I wish she would have tea with me… sigh.

p.s. she took a song that I couldn’t tolerate and made it her own.  Check out her cover of The Boss’s “Dancin in the Dark” – Hauntingly beautiful presentation – delicious.

Wurds Smith

Fresh Track: Satellite

Link: http://www.facebook.com/leliabroussardmusic

Check out the below video of “Satellite”!